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Directorate of Public Instruction (Elementary Education), Punjab, Lahore issued inter district transfer orders of Female Teachers (ESTs / SESEs) under Transfer Policy 2013.

In consideration of requests / cases for Inter District Transfer received through concerned CEO(DEA) under school education department notification no.SO(SE-IV)7-28(Transfer) dated 30.10.2018, the services of following 899 female SESEs / ESTs are hereby placed at the disposal of concerned Deputy Commissioner / Chairman (DEA) with reference to NOC issued by CEO(DEA) mentioned against their names.

All the CEOs(DEA) are directed to ensure that all postings / adjustments shall be made as per the Transfer Policy 2013 dated 17.04.2013 as amended from time to time till 19.04.2018 as well as under the terms and conditions given below:-

(below see the copy of order for full detail)

Terms & Conditions:-
  1. The posting / transfer shall be made only against the vacant posts.
  2. In case of standalone Primary School, Primary Portion of higher level school or each portion of consolidated Model Primary School running with one or two teachers the teacher shall not be transferred without ensuring a substitute.
  3. Before relieving / joining of the incumbent, it may be ensured by the respective CEO(DEA) that no regular enquiry is pending against the incumbent.
  4. Verification of service record as mentioned in annexure-A of Transfer Policy 2013 dated 17.04.2013 amended vide lettet No.SO(SE-IV)2-34/2009(TR) dated 24.07.2014 and amended vide letter No.SO(SE-IV)2-34/2009(TR) dated 27.07.2016 shall be made by the respective CEO(DEA).
  5. All the teachers will be relieved as and when their further adjustment orders are issued by the respective recipient CEO(DEA).
  6. Documents issued by the relieving CEO(DEA) will be verified by the recipient CEO(DEA) if found any discrepancy (any fake / bogus document or against policy) the CEO (CEA) will inform to the DPI (EE) Punjab and such order will not be implemented.
  7. Erratic posting / transfer against irrelevant grades, subjects or cadre shall not be made under any circumstances similarly there will be no room for adjustments on loan basis or temporary basis.
  8. The teacher will be relieved / joined by the CEO(DEA) concerned in the light of Transfer Policy vide No.SO(SE-IV)2-34/2009(Transfer) dated 17.04.2013 as amended issued time to time till 19.04.2018.
  9. The teacher / incumbent will be placed at the bottom of seniority list in his / her cadre in recipient district.
  10. The teacher will move at her own expenses. The transfer orders are being issued on the request of the incumbents therefore TA / DA is not allowed.
  11. Female teachers working in Girls Schools and transferred in Girls Schools at their own request shall be placed at the bottom of the seniority  of female teachers.
  12. Female Teachers working Girls School will not be posted in Boys Schools.
  13. The Educators appointed under Recruitment Policy 2016-17 and who have already availed benefit of additional marks in the recruitment process i.e. 08 marks for Union Council and additional 04 marks for village where the school was located are not eligible to apply for transfer under Notification No.SO(SE-IV)7-28/2018(Transfer) dated 19.04.2018.
  14. The concerned CEO(DEA) / Chairman (DEA) may observe condition of ban imposed on posting / transfer by the Election Commission of Pakistan vide No.F8(10)/2018(Cord) dated 01.11.2018 due to Bye Election (if any).
























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