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Directorate General of Immigration & Passports issued Clarifications for Government Servants for Issuance of Passports in Change of Profession in the Public Newspaper.

  • Hujjaj who obtained passports in private capacity being a government servant and have deposited their passport with Ministry of Religious Affairs or proceeded abroad for performing Hajj / Hajj duty. On their return from Saudi Arabia they will change their profession within one month of their return to Pakistan on provision of NOC from the department concerned and payment of prescribed passport fee and additional fee i.e. 5000/- as the case maybe.
  • The government servants who obtained passport before joining of their duties in the respect departments and the passport have been expired and they did not use the passport for travelling abroad.They may apply for issuance of passport as and when they are required to travel abroad provided they have not traveled abroad during the validity of said passport. However, those who traveled with in the validity of those passports shall have to get their profession amended on payment of processing fee in addition to Rs. 5000/- prescribed fee.
  • Governments Servants who obtained passports before entry into Government Service and said passport has expired on 21-04-2019 without utilizing the said passport for travelling abroad. No additional charges are to be realized by the government servant and passport facilities may be extended to them as and when they approach for issuance of passport in lieu thereof on production of NOC issued by concerned parent department of the applicant clearly stating the date of entry into the government service.
  • The passport holders of the above mentioned category who have utilized the same after entry into government service. Additional processing charges i.e.5000/- are to be realized for such applicants provided they applied within amnesty period.
  • Employees of the State owned organizations e.g. autonomous/ semi autonomous/ corporations/companies etc. Profession in case of such employees is not mentioned In the passports. An interface has been developed through which necessary update in the system can be made without issuance of subsequent passport, subject to payment of processing fees Rs.5000/-.

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