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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a letter to Clarify the Queries Regarding Time Scale Promotion to Officers in BS-16 and Above Having Stagnant Posts.

I am directed to refer to your letter No.TM-1/1-1A/LHC.2018-19 dated 17.07.2019 on the subject noted above.

The Finance Department has examined the queries raised in the letter referred to above which are answered in an annotated format:

  • Query-1:- It is to inform that a letter has been issued vide the above referred letter dated 10.07.2019 regarding explanation for grant of time scale promotion to officers of BS-16 and above. The para 5 of the letter prescribes that the eligible person shall simply apply to the concerned Accountant General Punjab / District Accounts Office, as the case may be, for grant of time scale promotion and get their pay slip issued in the higher scale w.e.f. 02.02.2019 without conducting any DPC, performance reports, disciplinary proceedings, Issuance of formal order etc.
  • Reply-1:- In case of officers, the advice referred to in para 5 of this Department's letter of even number dated 10.07.2019 will be issued by the head of the attached department or, where there is no attached department, by the administrative department. Only those officers are authorized to approach your office or, as the case may be, the concerned District Accounts Office who are advised to apply for issuance of the revised pay slips. This advice may serve as orders for the time scale promotion. In case of officials in BS. 1 to BS. 15, mere entries by the concerned drawing and disbursing officer in the service books of the officials would suffice as already clarified vide para 2 (ii) of the Finance Department's U.O. No. FD. PC. 3914/77(PLIV)(APCA/08) (Provl) dated 09.08.2016.
  • Query-2:- As provided in para 1(1) of the Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department policy letter No. No. FD.PC.40-12/2017 dated 19.04.2019, the promotion is subject to the condition that "they possess good / satisfactory service record." The Audit Office maintains the service record of pay & allowances but record of litigation, inquiries, ACRs etc. is with the administrative department, so the implementation of the above policy without formal orders or DPC. There should be condition of DPC or at least, the condition of issuance of formal orders should be included for grant of time scale promotion to share the responsibility by the concerned administrative department & to cover the issue of satisfactory service, disciplinary proceedings, length of service of the employee and stagnancy of posts according to the service rules for the post. 
  • Reply-2:- As against serial number 'i' above. As regards condition of DPC, it has already been clarified vide para 2 (i) of the Finance Department's U.O. No. FD. PC. 39-14/77(PLIV)(APCA/08) (Prov) dated 09.08.2016 read with letter No. FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt-IV) (APCA/2008) (Provl.) dated 04.01.2016, that time scale promotion is allowed without DPC. The above referred letters have already been implemented by your office and the DAOs in the Punjab.
  • Query-3:- Some Departments are autonomous and do not draw pay from the Accountant General Punjab / District Accounts Offices like Services Hospital, Lahore General Hospital, PMUs etc. and hence no proper record of the officers is available with the audit offices. Some officers become absconder and their proceedings are not been shared with audit offices for years intentionally. 
  • Reply-3:- Maintenance and completion of service record (history of service) of officers for whom the AG Office / DAOs are the audit offices is the responsibility of the AG Punjab / DAOs. These audit offices are required to issue the revised pay slips to the extent of officers falling under their audit jurisdiction.
  • Query-4:- Some officers transferred from one place to another or one office to other, what will be there status as most of record in Audit Offices is not updated.
  • Reply-4:- In case of transfer of an officer, the revised pay slip on account of timescale promotion will be issued by the audit office under whose jurisdiction the officer was working on 01.02.2019 and will be sent to the audit office under which the officer was subsequently transferred.
  • Query-5:- Some officers had worked in a cadre and then get new appointment in some other cadre / department etc., what will be the criteria for their promotion?
  • Reply-5:-Time-scale promotion is admissible to officers / officials who have completed 10 years in a cadre in which promotion channel is available or on a stagnant post having no promotion channel and they have not joined any other cadre or post.
  • Query-6:- What will be the status of this scheme for the civil servants who have been upgraded or granted time scale earlier?
  • Reply-6:- Time-scale promotion under this Department's letter of even number dated 19.04.2019 is admissible to the officers / officials who have been upgraded earlier subject to the condition they have completed 10 years' service in the upgraded BS.
  • Query-7:- Whether that time scale promotion is admissible also for the officers working in BPS-20 or 21? 
  • Reply-7:- Subject to eligibility, this Department's letter of even number dated 19.04.2019 is applicable to all officers.
  • Query-8:- It is submitted that the condition of issuance of formal orders / conducting of DPC etc. may be reconsidered. This office is of the view that the formal orders must be issued by the Administrative Department concerned to share the responsibility as well as grant of Time Scale Promotion to the proper person accurately in a transparent manner due to the reasons as detailed in Para-3 above.
  • Reply-8:- As against serial number \' and 'ii' above. Moreover, advice to be issued by the attached department or, as the case may be, administrative department may be treated as formal orders for the time scale promotion. It is further added that the benefit of time scale promotion is to the extent of personal upgradation only. Formal promotion in cases where promotion channel is available shall continue to be made in the prescribed manner.

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