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Government of Pakistan, Directorate General, Immigration & Passports (Headquarters) extended Two Months for Government Officers / Officials Who Obtained Passport in Private Capacity.

I am directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to say that, the Federal Government vide their decision dated 25th July, 2019 has approved the proposed extension of two months for Government Officers / Officials who obtained passports in private capacity being Government employee in concealment of Government service, as under:-

  • The Government Officers / Officials, who obtained passport in concealment of profession and could not avail the policy announced by Federal Government, ended on 23.07.2019 are advised to approach Passport Offices concerned, along with NOC to get their passport data rectified and fresh passport issued, modifying profession as Government Service, within two months of issuance of this letter and on payment of additional processing fee of Rs.5000/-
  • The Government Officers / Officials who obtained passport before joining the Government service and;
  • a) Their passports have been expired and they did not use the passport for travelling abroad during validity of passport, may apply for issuance of passport as and when they are required to travel abroad. 
  • b) Those who traveled within the validity of their passports after entry into Government service, without obtaining ex-Pakistan leave and NOC from their respective departments, shall have to get their profession amended on payment of additional processing fee of Rs. 5000/- and on production of NOC from their respective departments, within two months of issuance of this letter.
  • In case of employees of State owned organizations eg autonomous/ semi autonomous corporations/ companies etc where Government service is not printed on passport booklet, an interface has been developed through which necessary update in the system can be made without issuance of subsequent passport, subject to payment of processing fee of Rs.5000/-
  • As per decision of the Government, "Profession column has been removed from passport booklet. However, production of NOC from respective departments and declaring true profession is mandatory for Government servants. NOC is required to be produced during immigration, while travelling abroad. No further action is required from those employees who have already corrected profession status on their passports. On expiry of extended given date/period of two months ie 27.09.2019. the defaulting officers/officials will be liable to punishment under Section 06 of Passport Act 1974.
  • This issues with the approval of Director General Immigration & Passports.

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