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Deputy Commissioner, Hafizabad issued a Public Notice and Constituted a Complaint Cell to Redress the Grievances of Parent regarding Illegal Increase in Fee by Private Schools.
  • Under the judgment of August Supreme Court of Pakistan dated: 13.09.2019 regarding fee issues of Private Schools.
  • The Govt. of the Punjab, School Education Department as well as District Registering Authority Hafizabad striving to implement the judgment the concluding para of Judgment is reproduced as under:
  • I. The Said Amounts equivalent to 20% offee reduced under our order) or any other amount shell not be recovered as arrears for any reason or under any circumstances.
  • II. In view of our finding that schools have excessively increased fee since January 2017 in violation of the law, all such increases are struck down, it will be deemed that there was no increase in fee since January 2017 and fee were frozen at the rates prevailing in January 2017 
  • III. Schools fee shall be recalculated using the fee prevailing in 2017 as base fee in accordance with provision of laws of Punjab and Sindh, respectively adding annual increases permitted by the law/rules/regulations till 2019 and owned, the process of recalculations shall be supervised by the regulators and only the fee approved by them shall be treated as the chargeable fee 
  • IV. Any excess foe found to have been charged shall be adjusted in the future fee
  • V. The Regulators shall closely monitor the fee being charged by private schools to ensure strict compliance with the law and the rules, regulations, complaints cell shall be set up to deal with complaint arising out of increase in fee in fee violation of the law/rules/regulations.
  • The Hon'able Lahore High Court Lahore also issued directions on 26.09-2019 for implementation of Hon'able Apex Court Judgement and Directed in para2 as below.
  • Moreover, it shall also be kept in mind that children's right to education guaranteed under Article 25-A of the constitution shall not infringed upon by anyone and his or her education in school shall not be disturbed due to any reason and under any circumstances.
  • The District Registering Authority, Hafizabad Constituted following cell vide Notification No.5470/Admn dated 30.09.2019 at District Level to redress the grievances of parent regarding illegal increase in fee;
  • Mian Muhammad Aslam DEO(SE), Hafizabad 0333-0746262
  • Mr. Shoukat Ali Assistant olo CEO (DEA), Hafizabad 0307-0740068
  • Mr. Arshad Rasheed Data Entry Operator o CEO (DEA), Hafizabad 0304-9611225
  • If the Parents have any complaints against Private School regarding increase of fee submit their complaints before their respective district level Complaint Cell for prompt action. They can also file their complaints at school Educations Department Web Portal (school.punjab.gov.pk) and PMIU (citizen Portal).
  • CEO (DEA), Hafizabad office contact No. 0547-640185

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