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Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification regarding Selection of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), District Education Authorities (DEAs) in Punjab.
  • Consequent upon approval of the Chief Minister. Punjab, a committee is hereby constituted regarding selection of Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities in Punjab comprising following members:
  • i. Mr. Shahid Khan Convener 
  • ii. Major Retired Abdul Majeed Member 
  • iii. Dr. Muhammad Yaqub Nasir Member 
  • iv. Dr. Sania Nazir Chaudhry Member 
  • v. Ms. Umtul Qadoos, Additional Secretary, SED Member / Secretary
  • TORs and selection criteria for posting of CEOs is as under:
  • i) Applications will be invited by the committee / Department through advertisement in print media as well as official website of the School Education Department, Government of the Punjab. The committee will call potential officers on its own as well as for interview but the criteria and the principle of equal opportunity will remain the same. 
  • ii) At least three candidates will be short listed for each post. 
  • iii) School Education Department / DPI (SE) office will present working papers for CEOs containing data of potential candidates for consideration / recommendations by the search committee. 
  • iv) The search committee will conduct interview of short listed candidates for determining the suitability of the officer according to the criteria. 
  • v) School Education Department will issue orders for posting of CEOs on the basis of recommendation of search committee. 
  • vi) In view of emergent situation, the Department will appoint any officer as CEOs subject to review by the Search Committee.
  • Eligibility for posting and inclusion in panel is given as under:
  • i) Officers of BPS-19 (Regular) of the School Education Department for the posts of CEOs 
  • ii) Maximum 55-years of age. In cases of exceptional merit, search committee may consider the candidate with two years' concession in age. Reasons and basis for exceptional merit shall be recorded in writing by the committee. 
  • iii) No disciplinary proceedings / inquiry under process or minor / major penalty imposed under PEEDA Act-2006. 
  • iv) No punishment made under anti-corruption Laws /PPC. 
  • v) No adverse remarks in ACRs during last three years.

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