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Deputy Commissioner, Hafizabad issued a Notification regarding Schedule / Rate of Monthly Permissible Fee in 2019 in Respect of Beacon House School System, Hafizabad in compliance with the order of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan and order of the Honorable Lahore High Court, Lahore.

  • In compliance with the order of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan and order of the Honorable Lahore High Court, Lahore in W.P No. 21822 of 2010, titled Judicial Activism Panel VIS The Government of Pakistan through Secretary School Education, Islamabad and others and subsequent directions contained in letters of the School Education Department vide No. SO(A-1)3-4/2015(P-1)CPLA dated 27.09.2019, No. SO(A-1)3-4/2015(P-II)CPLA dated 25.09.2019, No.SO(A1)3-4/2015(P-II)CPLA dated 24.09.2019 and No. SO(A-1)3-4/2015 (P-II)CPLA dated 17.09.2019. The data was collected from all privately managed schools charging monthly fee Rs.4000/- or above. After perusal and analysis of the data, fee have been recalculated /re-fixed at the rates, which stood on Jan 2017. The annual increase @5% per annum for the year 2018 and 2019 has been worked out in respect of Beacon house School System, Hafizabad and the same is notified for compliance / implementation. The excess fee charged by the said school will be adjusted in the receipt, the students who paid excess fee after Jan, 2017 and afterwards migrated to the other schools will be entitled to seek reimbursement of additional fee paid by them. The rate of lawfully chargeable fee from academic year 2017 to 2019 is given below:-
  • See the copy of notification below for detail of Monthly Permissible Fee Schedule.
  • Excess fees beyond admissible increase of 5% per annum charged by the institution are liable to be adjusted in future receipts and the parents are advised to visit their respective schools with their fee voucher to seek adjustment as worked out above. The students who left the school due to completion of their studies will be entitled for reimbursement of over payment paid by them/parents. Non-compliance/ non-cooperation, if any may be reported to the District Registering Authority. Hafizabad forthwith. Head of institution is also directed to display copy of this notification on the main gate Notice Board.


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