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Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a letter regarding Monitoring and Regulation of Fees Charged by Private Educational Institutions.

  • The Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed as follows in the case pertaining to fees charged by private educational institutions (emphasis added):
  • The said amounts equivalent to 20% of fee (reduced under our orders) or any other amount shall not be recovered as arrears for any reason or under any circumstances.
  • In view of our finding that schools have excessively increased fee since 2017 in violation of the law, all such increases are struck down. It will be deemed that there was no increase in fee since 2017 and fee were frozen at the rates prevailing in January 2017.
  • Schools fee shall be recalculated using the fee prevailing in 2017 as base fee in accordance with the provisions of Laws of Punjab and Sindh, respectively (adding annual increases permitted by the law / rules / regulations) till 2019 and onwards. The process of recalculation shall be supervised by the regulators and only the fee approved by them shall be treated as the chargeable fee.
  • Any excess fee found to have been charged shall be adjusted in the future fee.
  • The Regulators shall closely monitor the fee being charged by private schools to ensure strict compliance with the law and the rules/ regulations. Complaints cells shall be set up to deal with complaints arising out of increase in fee in violation of the law/ rules/ regulations.
  • All CEOs are directed to strictly enforce these orders in their jurisdiction and there shall be no deviation, digression or delay in this regard.
  • All CEOs are directed to immediately set up the requisite complaint cell and immediately convene meetings of respective DRAs. Instructions shall be issued to private school through print, electronic and social media to strictly adhere to the latest order of the Honorable Supreme Court regarding fees.
  • All CEOs shall instruct private school to provide their latest fee voucher to know if the private schools are adhering to law. In case of default or complaint, immediate, stern action shall be initiated by DRAs against the defaulter private school under intimation to the office of Secretary, School Education Department. Moreover, the meetings of DRAs shall be held periodically (preferably every month) in addition to special meeting called on complaint(s) periodic report shall be filed with the office of Secretary School Education Department.
  • As the fees charged by private educational institutions are to be recalculated under supervision of regulator and are to be approved by the regulator, therefore, meetings to do so shall be held immediately and consolidated report thereof shall be filed with the office of Secretary, School Education Department.

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