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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification regarding Schedule of Wages Rates 2019 for Work Charged Employees.
  • No.RO(Tech)FD 2-2/2018. Governor of the Punjab is pleased to approve the Schedule of Wage Rates-2019 (Annex-A) with effect from 1st July, 2019. Schedule of Wage Rates-2017 notified vide No.RO(Tech)FD2-2/2016 dated 28.12.2017 stands superseded accordingly. Appointments of Work Charged Employees shall be made in accordance with procedure laid down in the preface of Schedule of Wage Rates-2019.
  • Finance Department has prepared Schedule of Wage Rates 2019 prescribing wages of the work charged establishment employed on seasonal and short term basis in the Irrigation, Energy, Communication and Works, Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering. Local Government & Community Development Departments and Local Governments as well as all other development works related entities of the Government of the Punjab. Wage rates given in Schedule are revised keeping in view the changes / revisions in the Basic Pay Scales and allowances of civil employees of the Punjab Government & to keep it in accordance with minimum wage rates fixed by Labour & Human Resource Department. The wage rates have been prepared by taking into account the total emolument, inclusive of allowances admissible to similar employees already converted into regular establishment, and hence no extra payment is admissible on these rates. 
  • Appointment to a post included in this Schedule may be made by the competent authority under Delegation of Financial Power Rules 2016 subject to the following conditions:-
  • a) The post(s) shall be advertised properly in the leading newspapers. 
  • b) The recruitment to all the posts in the Schedule shall be made on the basis of merit specified for regular establishment vide para 11 of the Recruitment Policy issued by S&GAD vide No.SOR-IV(S&GAD)10-1/2003 dated 17.9.2004(amended to date).
  • c) Terms and conditions of employment shall be governed under Rules 7.12 to 7.14 & 7.37 to 7.41 of DFR (Punjab Financial Handbook No-3). 
  • d) The monthly wages shall not exceed the minimum monthly emoluments (inclusive of allowances) admissible on initial recruitment to incumbents of similar posts borne on regular establishment in the same locality.
  • e) The appointment at a time may not exceed the following duration: -
  • i) In case of deposit work, the appointment of seasonal labour may be made for the duration of the project. 
  • ii) In all other cases, the appointment may be made up to the end of the financial year or the duration of the project, whichever is earlier. 
  • The minimum qualification and experience for appointment to a post in this Schedule shall be the same as prescribed for similar post in the regular establishment.
  • The Senior Research Officers (Grade-18) on the research side of the Research Institutes may also make appointments to the posts controlled by them. 
  • The daily wage rates given in the Schedule prescribe the range within which the competent authority may make an appointment on daily wage basis in accordance with daily wage rates as notified on the web site of the Finance Department for the respective District, 
  • This Schedule of Wage Rates, 2019 shall come into force with effect from 1st July, 2019 and will supercede the Schedule of Wage Rates, 2017 (issued vide notification No.RO (Tech) FD 2-2/2916 dated 28.12.2017).
  • See the copy of notification below for full detail

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