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Government of the Punjab, School Education Department, Monitoring Wing issued a letter regarding Revised Timelines for e-Transfer on Compassionate Grounds.
  • In continuation of this office letter of even No. dated 28-10-2019 regarding timelines for e-Transfer on compassionate grounds.
  • It is to inform you that considering the concerns raised by respected teachers regarding non availability of vacant posts on SIS, it has been decided by the Competent Authority to extend the duration for receiving transfer applications on compassionate, mutual and wedlock basis, for another ten days i.e. till 15th November 2019. Further, from 7th November, the STR for elementary schools has been lowered from 40 to 30 and the option of Inter-district mutual transfers, is also available for below 17 grade teachers. Applicants who have already submitted e-Transfer applications, will be at liberty from 7th November onward, to apply again in view of newly reflected vacant posts. 
  • The revised timelines are as under:-
  • From 28/Oct. Mon to 15/Nov. Fri Receiving of online applications 
  • From 16/Nov, Sat to 18/Nov. Mon Prepare List - 1 by CEO (DEA) 
  • From 19/Nov, Tue to 19/Nov. Tue List - 1 available
  • From 20/Nov, Wed to 23/Nov. Sat Verification by CEO (DEA)
  • From 25/Nov, Mon to 26/Nov. Tue Prepare List - 2 by CEO (DEA)
  • From 27/Nov, Wed to 27/Nov, Wed List - 2 available
  • From 28/Nov, Thu to 30/Nov. Sat Verification by CEO (DEA)
  • From 02/Dec, Mon to 02/Dec, Mon submission of signed documents to Dy. Director (Monitoring) by CEO (DEA)
  • From 03/Dec, Tue to 03/Dec, Tue Sending of signed documents from CEOs to PITB by Dy. Director (Monitoring)
  • From 04/Dec, Wed to 05/Dec, Thu Order preparation by PITB
  • From 06/Dec, Fri to 06/Dec, Fri Orders will be made available by PITB

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