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Appendix 17 (Referred to in rule 8.62), Casual Leave Rules for Government Employees for short periods.

Casual leave may be granted to Government servants for short periods subject to the following conditions:-

  • Casual leave should not ordinarily exceed 10 days at a time and 25 days during any one calendar year:
  • The sanctioning authority may, however, grant casual leave up to 15 days at a time in special circumstances.
  • It may be granted in conjunction with Fridays or public holidays, but not with any other kind of leave or joining time. In case casual leave is combined with holidays the total period should not exceed 15 days at a time. The public holidays which are sandwiched between the casual leave shall be debited to the Casual Leave Account.
  • No Government servant may leave his headquarters during casual leave or holidays except with the permission of the sanctioning authority.
  • Subject to the delegation of powers which has been or may be made by Government from time to time in this behalf, casual leave may be sanctioned to a Government servant by his immediate officer.
  • In emergency the Commissioners of Divisions can sanction casual leave up to 10 days to the Regional and Divisional Officers. In such cases the Commissioners shall inform the Heads of the Attached Departments by a teleprinter message. While applying for such emergency leave, the Regional/Divisional Officer is required to observe the following two conditions:

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