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Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Hafizabad issued order regarding 25% concession in fee currently charged by private schools by the orders of Deputy Commissioner, Hafizabad.

WHEREAS, Ordinance No. Legis:13-29/2003(P-1) dated 22.04.2020 promulgated by the Governor of the Punjab, wherein insertion of section 12-D in the ordinance IV of 1984, i.e. the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984, (IV of 1984) after section 12-C, has been made as follow:

12-D: Special directives: The Registering Authority may issue special directives for closure of schools and for ensuring that students are imparted education through alternative means in special circumstances, epidemics, floods, wars, environmental or natural disasters or when the Registering Authority deems that physical presence of students at schools is hazardous for their health, and the Registering Authority may also issue directions determining the fee to be charged by the schools for the period during which such special directives remain in field."

AND WHEREAS, School Education Department, Government of the Punjab, Lahore, vide No. SO(ACADE-1)1-31/2008 dated 22.04.2020, directed the District Registering Authorities to implement the said law in true letter and spirit regarding student fee.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Naveed Shahzad Mirza, Chairman Registering Authority /Deputy Commissioner, Hafizabad in exercise of powers vested in me under Section 12.D of the Punjab Private Educational Institutions (Promotion and Regulation) Ordinance, 1984 (Amendment 2020)". do hereby order as follow;

  1. 25% concession must be awarded in the fee currently being charged.
  2. This concession will be initially for two months i.e., April and May 2020. 
  3. No private school shall be allowed to collect fees in advance except on monthly basis. 
  4. Services of teaching/non-teaching staff shall not be terminated. Rather they will be paid full salary. 
  5. A compliance certificate / report must be provided to the undersigned within 03-days positively. In case of non compliance strict action will be taken under rules. 
  6. The students may be engaged in learning process through online teaching so that the education of the students may not suffer. 
  7. The online lectures arranged by PITB are also available from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm on TV Channel "Tele School Taleem Garh" daily

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