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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued clarification regarding grant of additional charge allowance.

I am directed to refer to this Department's circular letter No.FD.SRII.2-38/70, dated 17.03.1988, on the subject cited above and state that following questions have arisen about the subject matter:

  1. Whether additional charge allowance for more than one posts can be granted to the same officer?
  2. Whether additional charge allowance against a post lower in status than the incumbent post-of the officer, holding the charge, can be allowed? 

The case has been examined in the Finance Department. It is clarified that where the Administrative Departments/organizations grant additional charge of more than one posts to its officers due to service exigencies, the additional charge allowance in this behalf shall be allowed against all such additional charges by the concerned authority, for a period not exceeding 3 months, against each post. However, if the need persists, the additional charge of the same post may be extended for another three months in consultation with the Finance Department. 

As regards the second question, it is further clarified that the additional charge of a post of equal/higher/one step lower status can be assigned, for the time stipulation as mentioned above, and allowance in this behalf can be allowed accordingly.

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