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Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a letter regarding authorization for school councils to hire Part Time Coaches in schools.

In supersession of all the earlier directions and to address the emergent needs of the teaching and learning process in public sector schools of all levels, School Education Department has decided to authorize the school councils to hire Part Time Coaches (PTCs) in your respective districts i.e. R.Y Khan, Rajanpur, D.G Khan, Bahawalpur, Bhakkar, Mianwali & Rawalpindi (only for Tehsils Muree & Kotli Sattian). 

Apart from teaching to all classes, the main objective of hiring the part time coaches is to support the enrolment drive especially for achieving 100% enrolment of children of ages 5-9 years as well as increasing retention of the students in all classes and to fill the gap of non-availability of Teachers especially in the subjects of English, Urdu, Science & Mathematics. In this regard the TORs for hiring of PTCs have been approved by the Competent Authority.

The Terms of Reference (TORs) for hiring of PTCs are as under:-

  • The School Councils may use the School Council's funds including NSB for payment of rumenration in-case of hiring (Minimum-2/ Maximum-4 in a school) the Part Time Coaches (PTCs) by the respective school councils. The hiring of F.Sc candidates & Science Graduates will be given preference. Initially (02) months Contract will be offered to each PTC.
  • On expiry of the service contract, the school council may retain the same coach offering him / her the new contract instead of extending the previous contract. The school council shall pass a resolution for offering the new contract to the same coach stipulating the tenure of service as part time coach. 
  • The CEO (Education) or any other education officer/official of the District/Tehsil/Markaz shall not Interfere in hiring of the part time coaches except on the written request/resolution from the particular school council. 
  • For all level classes, the female coaches may also be hired for boy's schools with their willingness. However, in girl's schools, the female part time coaches shall be preferred. 

The following shall be the working criteria for PTCs hired by school councils as mentioned above: - 

  1.  Basic Responsibility of PTC is to teach all classes and to enroll out of school children of his/her area, and ensure their continuity of studies. 
  2. To be punctual as against the school timings. 
  3. To coach the classes as per the head teacher's instructions. 
  4. To provide friendly environment to children instead of the intense one. 
  5. To exchange their thoughts with school teachers and members of the School Council for the betterment of the school. 
  6. To take care of the cleanliness and discipline of the students. 
  7. To contact parents of students as per the instructions of the head teacher 
  8. To actively participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in school as per the instructions of head teacher. 
  9. To perform any additional task assigned by the respective school council. 
  10. No additional benefits will be provided to the PTCs other than the monthly rumenration. 
  11. The hiring of the PTCS shall be temporary, need based and totally private in nature. The hiring of PTC shall be conducted by the respective school council to improve the functioning of the school. 
  12. No liability shall be created whatsoever to the government in respect of hiring of the part time coaches (PTCS) by the school councils. 
  13. The honorarium of PTCs will be paid on monthly basis PTCs will be allowed maximum of 02 leaves in 01 month, If any PTC will take leave for more than 02 days the deductions will be made from his / her honorarium as follows: 
  • Matric PTC; Rs 250 per day. 
  • Intermediate PTC; Rs 350 per day. 
  • Graduate/or above PTC; Rs 500 per day. 

The Chief Executive Officer (D.E.A) must distribute the copies of this letter to all the public sector schools in their respective districts.

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