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District Education Officer (SE), Hafizabad issued a letter regarding forbidding of Government Teachers on running private tuition  centers / academies or serving in private education institutions.

It has been noticed that a number of teachers/ educators who are employed in Government schools, are running private tuition centres / academies or serving in the private registered educational institutions during official timing or afterwards, while the enrolled students in their respective Government schools are being affected adversely due to lack interest of teachers towards their obligatory duties. 

A number of public complaints are being logged on Prime Minister Portal (PCP), to this regard especially, pointing out different teachers of Government schools of DEA-Hafizabad, regarding their involvement / teaching practice in private educational Institute, which is causing an embarrassing situation for the administration of DEA Hafizabad, before high ups. 

In view of the above, you are advised to take up the issue immediately, being Head of respective Institution, take following measures: 

  1. Every teacher will submit certificate of NO TUITION WORK Inside or outside the school to his/her respective Head teacher. 
  2. Every Head teacher will submit a certificate to this office that no teacher of his/her school is involved in tuition work inside or outside the school. 
  3. An orientation campaign will be launched by the head teacher for the students of his/her school against tuition work by the teacher. 
  4. Flaxes / banners will be displayed on the gate of the school against tuition work by the teacher. 
  5. It is further Intimated that in case of any pointed out same nature matter in future, the concerned Head teacher shall have to face the consequences.

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