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 Government of the Punjab, Finance Department granted incentive allowance for Punjab Revenue Authority employees.

The Government of the Punjab has notified an 'Incentive Allowance of the in-service regular Government Servants so appointed / posted in Projects, Programs, Policy Units/ Policy Cells/ Companies / Authorities, Foundations and This Incentive Allowance is in addition to their admissible salary (substantive pay + admissible allowance) under the respective pay scales with effect from 23.09.2019 at the following rates:- 

  1. BS-22 Rs.300,000-350,000 
  2. BS-21 Rs.250,000-300,000 
  3. BS-20 Rs.200,000-250,000 
  4. BS-19 Rs.150 000-200,000 
  5. BS-18 Rs.100,000-150,000 
  6. BS-17 Rs.75,000-100,000
  7. BS-16 Rs.50,000-75,000 
  8. BS 11-15 Rs.40,000 
  9. BS 05-10 Rs.30,000 
  10. BS 01-04 Rs.20,000 

The main features of the above said notification are as under. 

  • It will be applicable for all Projects, Programmes, Policy Units, Policy Cells, Companies, Authorities, Foundations and Funds.
  • It will be reviewed annually by the Section Board" constituted vide Order Bo.FD.SR-11/1-12/2009 dated 22.10.2019.
  • In case, Executive Allowance is admissible on a post, then there will be an option to choose either of one.
The case for granting Incentive Allowance to officers of Punjab Revenue Authority was placed in the meeting of the Selection Board held on 17.07.2020 under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary. Punjab. The Selection Board has considered and recommended the following in favour of officers of Punjab Revenue Authority:-

(see the below image for detail)

It is further stated that the above rate of Incentive Allowance would be reviewed by the Selection Board after one year subject to satisfactory performance of the incumbents. Furthermore, Police personnel working in PRA would be allowed Incentive Allowance only if they are not drawing pay in accordance with Police pay package.

The Summary is placed before the Chief Minister for granting approval of Incentive Allowance at the rates mentioned against each officer as per recommendations of the Selection Board w.e.f 17.07.2020.

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