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 Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a policy to name / rename of school in favour of donors of land or a Shaheed etc.

School Education Department quite often receives proposals regarding naming / re-naming of schools in favour of donors of land for schools or his / her nearest kin, or a Shaheed, etc. Competent Authority has been pleased to approve the following Policy on the subject:-

  • Schools may be named after persons whose names lend prestige and status to an institution of learning and whose lives and achievements serve as a positive role model for the students attending schools: and 
  • A person who donates land for Primary or Elementary schools and desires to name the school according to his or her choice should have a non political stature. The person after w! OSC name a school is named, should also never have participated in any election for political office; and 
  • The donor of land enjoys a good reputation in the community/  chak / village in which the school is located. The same criterion is also applicable for the person after whose name a school is proposed to be named; and 
  • A school may be named after a State or National figure, who has rendered meritorious service for the society, or a local figure, who has lived and worked in that particular community in which the school is located and made significant contributions for the improvement of the community. It is important that kids are easily able to relate themselves to that person; or, the school may be named after
  1. The founder of the nation and person who was in the forefront of the freedom movement and took prominent part in the creation of Pakistan. 
  2. A National personality with unblemished record of service to the nation; 
  3. A hero who laid his life in the defence of the country; 
  4. A living or deceased head of a foreign state friendly towards Pakistan; 
  5. A Foreign National in respect of whom permission has been granted by the Federal Government. 
  6. A famous Muslim character of history; and 
  • Generally, the community in which a school is located should not have any objection to the suggested name of a school; and 
  • The person after whose name a school is named should not be alive; and 

A "Scrutiny Committee” comprising of EDO (Education), EDO (Community Development), concerned DEO and DMO should consider the case of naming of a school on these parameters. The Executive District Officer (Education) after inviting any objection against the proposed naming/re-naming through publication of Notices in the National press, shall forward the recommendations of the Committee to the Secretary Schools with complete documentation through the DCO concerned for further cause of action.

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