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 Government of the Punjab, Police Department issued a notification regarding promotion of Inspectors (General Executive Branch) as DSP on regular basis.

        On recommendation of the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) of Police Department, Government of the Punjab, following Inspectors (General Executive Branch) have been promoted as DSP (BS-17) on regular basis on probation in term of rule (8), of the Punjab Police Deputy Superintendents and Superintendents (Appointment by Promotion), Service Rules 2020, with immediate effect: 

  1. Insp. Shahid Iqbal Warraich, S/345, C/922 
  2. Insp. Azhar Mehmood Aslam C/956 
  3. Insp. Asif All C/1302 
  4. Insp. Zarar Ahmad C/1126, L/SO 
  5. Insp. Muhammad Shafique Joyla, C/22, 172/PC, PC/01 
  6. Insp. Qalsar Waseem Butt C/1559, L/615 
  7. Insp. Muhammad Ijaz C/2253, M/135 
  8. Insp. Muhammad Saleem M/33, C/972 
  9. Insp. Abdul Saboor F/46 C/979 
  10. Insp. Mazhar Hayat No. M/306, C/981 
  11. Insp. Muhammad Hussain PC/21,C/1002 
  12. Insp. Muhammad Iqbal S/61, C/265 
  13. Insp. Naseer Ahmad PC/25 C/1948 
  14. Insp. Nasrulla Khan F/149, C/1003 
  15. Insp. Rizwan-ul-Haq F/192, C/344 
  16. Insp. Qalsar Amin, 10/PC, GL/366, C/2271 
  17. Insp. Zafar Iqbal, 9/PC, PC/16, C/153 
  18. Insp. Irfan Haider, 80/PC, PC/05, F/10, C/955 
  19. Insp. Muhammad Aslam, 13/PC, SA/294, C/1905 
  20. Insp. Zakir Hussain No. B/03, C/145 
  21. Insp. Muhammad Akbar, PC/45, C/384 
  22. Insp. Naveed Azam, 85/PC, SA/333, C/1038 
  23. Insp. Abdul Wahid, 341/SA, 87/PC, SA/325, C/114 
  24. Insp. Hafiz Muhammad Amjad, 60/PC, GL/426, C/1832 
  25. Insp. Muhammad Nawaz, 51/PC, GL/381, C/381 
  26. Insp. Tariq Mehmood, 49/PC, GL/433, C/1828 
  27. Insp. Nasir Mehmood, 45/PC, GL/424, C/1991 
  28. Insp. Tahir Mehmood, 67/PC, GL/428, C/383 
  29. Insp. Asif Nadeem Gulzar, S/121, 133/PC, C/1039 
  30. Insp. Abdul Rehman, 145/PC, S/303, C/382 
  31. Insp. Mansoor Elahi, 40/PC, B/158, C/376 
  32. Insp. Azhar Hussain, 26/PC, B/154, C/1033 
  33. Insp. Muhammad Imran, 29/PC, B/157, C/386 
  34. Insp. Javed Ashraf GL/124, C/1829 
  35. Insp. Asif Mehmood No. GL/38, C/26 
  36. Insp. Asad Mehmood, 440/GL, GL/31, C/581 
  37. Insp. Muhammad Iqbal B/28 C/230 
  38. Insp. Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal No.B/41, C/567 
  39. Insp. All Akbar No. C/1833, GL/172 
  40. Insp. Abdul Jabbar No.F/130, C/1133 
  41. Insp. Aftab Ahmad No.F/134, C/1844 
  42. Insp. Shahanshah Ahmad B/81 C/571 
  43. Insp. Altaf Hussain No.GL/64, C/586 
  44. Insp. Zafar Shakeel R/13 C/1137 
  45. Insp. Abdul Karim M/334, C/1138 
  46. Insp. Muhammad Bakht Nasar, C/1776 DG/80 
  47. Insp. Tariq Jamil No.SA/105, C/599 
  48. Insp. Zahid Hussain SA/108, C/96 
  49. Insp. Rafaqat Ali R/45, C/31 

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