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Recruitment Policy of Educators and AEOs 2017-18

Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance by Punjab Government 2017

Revision of Basic Pay Scales & Allowances 2017 Punjab

Grant of Increase in Pension Punjab 2017

Time Scale Promotion of Posts (BPS-5 to BPS-15) Punjab 2017

Upgradation of Various Posts By Chief Secretary Punjab 2017 

Grant of Special Allowance of the Employees of Civil Secretariat Punjab 2017

Grant of Utility Allowance for the Employees of Civil Secretariat Punjab 2017 

Recruitment Policy of School Specific Educators and AEOs 2016-17

Clarification of Gazetted Contract Employees on Regularization

Lifting of Teachers Transfer Ban and Transfer Policy 2016

All Notifications Regarding Pay & Allowances 2016

Pay Charts from 1972 to 2016

Notification of Revised Payscales 2016 Federal Govt.

SSB 30% Clarification 2016 for Contract Employees

Official Correct Spellings of the Name of Holy Prophet Islam (PBUH)

Schools Timings Notification in Summer 2016 of District Hafizabad

Recruitment Policy for Educators & AEOs 2016

Grant of Computer Allowance 2013

Grant of Computer Allowance 1992 & 2012

Grant of Allowance 2001 (Computer Allowance)

Educators Recruitment Policy 2014

Educators Recruitment Policy 2013

Educators Recruitment Policy 2012

Educators Recruitment Policy 2011

Educators Recruitment Policy 2008-09

Educators Recruitment Policy 2007-08

Educators Recruitment Policy 2005-06

Contract Recruitment Policy 2004


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